While everyone was watching the United States vs. Germany World Cup match, Fox News was airing its usual noon fare, “Outnumbered.” It’s an entertaining show that takes place on a horseshoe couch with an explicit gender dynamic: Four female commentators surrounding a sole male commentator, hence the hashtag #Oneluckyguy.

From the looks of things, the business model of “Outnumbered” rests on #Oneluckyguy saying #Manystupidthings. Today’s iteration: Fox News’s Keith Ablow on today’s show

I’m suspect . . .  because here’s the thing. Why, at a time when there’s so many national issues and international issues of such prominence, I’m a little suspicious of yet another bread-and-circus routine. Let’s roll out the marijuana, pull back the laws and get people even more crazy about yet another entertainment event. I think this is a way to distract people. This is like Rome . . . I can see why Obama would love the World Cup.

The outnumberers on the set actually exerted some energy debunking these auto-debunked thoughts: “They set these schedules years ago. It’s not like they lined it up with what’s going on in the current events of the world,” said “Outnumbered” stalwart Harris Faulkner.

Behold a pattern: Whether it’s Tucker Carlson talking about a “whiny” alleged male rape victim or Peter Hegseth suggesting that the capture of the suspect in the Benghazi, Libya attacks was timed to assist Hillary Rodham Clinton in her June 17 interview on Fox News or Jesse Watters talking about statutory rape and “high fives” or Ablow — there he is again! — saying about Hillary Rodham Clinton, “Other than being the wife of the president, why is she running?,” a motif of “Outnumbered” programming appears to be to invite the #Oneluckyguy to say something boorish, consciously moronic or just trying-too-hard provocative as a means of stirring up the #Fourunluckywomen. It’s a brilliant bit of cable-news engineering, until it plays itself out one too many times.