Turns out that Dr. Keith Ablow, a Fox News contributor since 2007, didn’t confine his conspiracy theories about the World Cup and President Obama to yesterday’s edition of the Fox News program “Outnumbered.” He also brought the crazy to a discussion with host Stuart Varney on Fox Business.

“Why, Stuart, are we seeing soccer suddenly skyrocket? Why are people so ready to be entertained?” asked Ablow.

Varney explained that it’s because all the news about the United State is “overwhelmingly negative” and people need an escape. “Here’s the World Cup — how convenient,” said Varney.

Ablow responded, “It’s a little too convenient when we have a president who, I contend, has it in for Americans, and we elected him because we were fearful at the time — we better elect someone who’s not very patriotic because, God, we could have terrorists attack us for being Americans. OK, so, we did that.”

Colbert mock-affirmed Ablow’s suspicions: “How often does Barack Obama run for president? Every four years. How often is there a World Cup? Every four years,” said Colbert, before highlighting Ablow’s intent to not sound like a “conspiracy theory guy” as he discussed the link between marijuana use and World Cup mania.

Colbert didn’t have to strain to parody this stuff; he merely put it under the rubric of his ongoing series “Stephen Colbert’s Bats–t Serious.”