A segment this morning on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom” feasted on new reports about the data troubles of Obamacare’s computer system. Host Martha MacCallum noted how the system lacks internal control and verification mechanisms. Expressing a Fox News anchor’s characteristic skepticism of Obamacare, MacCallum asked Fox Newser Bob Beckel about all the time that the federal government had to get HealthCare.gov ready for consumer use: “What were they doing for the first two-and-a-half years before they rolled it out?”

Beckel was unconcerned.

Lousy computer systems, MacCallum noted, appear to be a U.S. government specialty. Following Sept. 11, 2001, she pointed out, the government said its systems shared information poorly. The Internal Revenue Service can’t track its e-mails. And now the issues with HealthCare.gov. Beckel was unconcerned. “There’s a lot of information going in and a lot of information coming out. For the most part, it works,” he said.

Other Beckel defenses: “Obamacare is working just fine.” “It works fine,” he said of the IRS. “You take something of the size of what the IRS has to put through each year . . . there’s going to be some breakdowns.” “Obamacare is working just fine.”

MacCallum blasted: “You are being an apologist. Do you hear yourself? You are apologizing — we’re the greatest nation in the world and we’re just supposed to go, ‘Oh, you know, stuff happens.’”

Even the Obama administration admitted that HealthCare.gov’s launch was a disaster; even Jon Stewart cited the thoroughgoing incompetence of the IRS over e-mail retention in the Lois Lerner episode. Just what game is Fox News’s resident liberal watching?

(h/t Mediaite)