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Russell Brand joins massive industry: Fox News critics

Comedian-cum-actor-cum-flake Russell Brand has produced another video in which he dissects and seeks to pulverize Fox News.  This time the target is a segment by Bill O’Reilly on immigration. There will be no attempt here to abridge Brand’s meanderings on the topic, in part because they’re a touch incoherent and in part because the Erik Wemple Blog was more interested in the apparent blanket that Brand wears in the video. Taken together with Brand’s much-trafficked takedown of an anti-Obama rant by Fox News’s Jeanine Pirro, this performance perhaps signals that Brand is seeking entry into the Fox News Critics industry.

Welcome, Mr. Brand. This business is as elastic as the rhetoric on partisan cable TV. Without Fox News, Jon Stewart’s comedy writers would drown their remotes with palm sweat. Without Fox News, Media Matters would be stuck writing about fringe radio guys that no one ever heard of. Without Fox News — full disclosure here — the Erik Wemple Blog would have less to blog about.  One consulting firm has placed Fox News’s revenues at nearly $2 billion, a figure that doesn’t include the business it spins off to us critics/leeches.