An authentically fair-and-balanced debate this morning on Fox News’s “American Newsroom” took on the question of whether President Obama is a criminal. It wasn’t planned that way: Host Patti Ann Browne launched a panel discussion about Obama’s legislative outreach skills. Radio host Richard Fowler defended the president, arguing that his big problem is House Speaker John Boehner. Republican pollster Tyler Harber came from the other side, saying Obama has been “legislatively impotent.”

As Fowler blamed the Republican-controlled House for thwarting a boost in the minimum wage and immigration reform, Harber intervened, and they were off to the races:

Tyler Harber: This president is a criminal who continuously —

Richard Fowler: No, he is not. No, no, that’s not true.

TH: This president is a criminal who continuously breaks the constitution. And it will be proven.

RF: That’s not true.

TH: Yeah, absolutely. He believes the constitution —

RF: Where, when does he, how is he a criminal?

TH: — does not apply. Every time he issues an executive order —

RF: Give me one example where this president is a criminal.

TH: — that is outside of the line of the constitutional authorities of the different branches of Congress.

RF: Which one?

TH: Well, pick one, pick one.

RF: I’m asking you to pick one.

TH: I am — his own delays to the [Affordable Care Act], his discounting of the and abandonment of the rules of immigration rules and it just goes on and on and on. This guy just can’t get it together.

A segment on wind tunnels cut short this tête-à-tête.