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ABC News yesterday issued a statement of regret over its mistake on Tuesday night’s “World News,” wherein anchor Diane Sawyer showed a picture of an “Israeli family trying to salvage what they can” against a backdrop of war ruins in the ongoing conflict with Hamas; it was actually a Palestinian family. “We regret the error and will correct it,” said the ABC News statement, in part.

On last night’s newscast, Sawyer circled back to the mistake:

And now a note. On Tuesday evening, we made a mistake and I want to put up these pictures again because during an introduction to a story on the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, I misidentified these powerful images. The people in these photos are Palestinians in Gaza in the aftermath of an air strike by Israel, not Israelis, as I mistakenly described them. And we want you to know we are truly sorry for the error.

That “note” fills the boxes on the gray-bearded journo’s ethical corrections list:

  • Issuing the correction on the same platform on which the mistake ran? Check.
  • Disclosing the full extent of the error? Check.
  • Taking personal responsibility for the error? Check.
  • Apologizing for the error? Check.

Textbook on-air correction? Check.