Sarah Palin’s call for President Obama’s impeachment got a nice ride into a second week of media attention, thanks to the remarks of Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday on ABC News’s “This Week.” “She wasn’t a particularly good vice presidential candidate,” Holder said on the program. “She’s an even worse judge of who ought to be impeached and why.”

Therewith a pivot point for CNN. On the morning show “@ThisHour with Berman and Michaela,” CNN political commentator Ana Navarro found it “unseemly” that the attorney general would elevate the musings of a Fox News contributor like Palin. “The right answer is, who cares? She’s not in a position to make it happen. She’s not in a policy-making position. Nobody in leadership, nobody in a role of responsibility in the Republican Party, nobody with the actual ability to make impeachment happen has said anything about impeachment, so really, who cares? It would be like if I said, ‘You know what? I don’t like kale. I think we should impeach kale.'”

Host John Berman countered that the episode evidences Palin’s continuing influence in American politics, at which point Navarro played on-set media critic. “Because we keep talking about it!” said Navarro.

Berman wasn’t going to cop to such a critique. “She’s very popular. She campaigns and she wins votes for many candidates around the country,” said the host. And that was it.

The Erik Wemple Blog, meanwhile, cops to loving it all. Loving the rambling appeal for impeachment; loving the rogue Palin blowing off her contract with Fox News in order to place the appeal on Breitbart.com; loving the punditry about the implications for Republicans; and loving the media’s worries over foolishly elevating this woman’s meanderings. Especially in mid-July.