Evan McMurry at Mediaite has done a good job of plotting what is on the verge of becoming a trend: Hosts of “Fox & Friends” trying to get Fox News big shot Bret Baier to dump on President Obama for golfing while important matters of state are pending. It happened on June 16, when host Anna Kooiman noted criticism of the president’s golfing and gallivanting while crisis boiled in Iraq. Same sequence of events this morning: Host Elisabeth Hasselbeck invited a slam with these words, “And the president this weekend, of course, golfing. I mean the message there was actually pretty sharp — talk about presence, not at the border.” Baier wasn’t accepting the invitation, saying that he doesn’t “begrudge” the president getting some “away time.”

The “Fox & Friends” team needs to brush up on their Bret Baier bios. He’s the anchor of “Special Report,” but that’s not the operative consideration in this matter. This is. Baier is a serious golfer, having played on the men’s golf squad at DePauw University.

Now let’s see how long it takes the Erik Wemple Blog to dig up a golf-oriented tweet from Baier. About one minute:

And to appreciate Baier’s ability to talk golf, try this interview with GolfWeek. QED: This is not the guy to goad into criticizing Obama for golf outings.