Back in May, MSNBC host Touré got in trouble on Twitter, as follows:

Touré’s sharp comment came amid a Twitter spat in response to the very hotly discussed story by Ta-Nehisi Coates in the Atlantic making the case for reparations. Responding to a backlash, Touré used the same platform to issue an apology:

To make sure it didn’t happen again, Touré opted for a very certain remedy: He has stopped tweeting, at least from his official account.

Touré’s apology followed a string of other MSNBC apologies following stumbles across various platforms, raising a question as to whether the network’s management asked the host to back off of Twitter. No, says spokeswoman Leshelle V. Sargent: “It was Touré’s personal choice to stop tweeting after deciding he has more valuable things to do than be on Twitter. This was not a push or decision made by management.”