In a recent interview, ABC News asked Attorney General Eric Holder about Syria and terrorism (dangerous situation), the name of the Washington Redskins (needs changing), Sarah Palin’s call for impeachment (she’s no judge), criticism of him and President Obama (he senses a racial component in some of it) and so on.

For Fox News’s Megyn Kelly, it wasn’t enough. On her program last night, Kelly and Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano double-teamed the interview, and Kelly went on a rant about all the things that ABC’s Pierre Thomas had missed:

The attorney general was not asked about a number of much more urgent issues, among them the administration’s strained relationship with the truth in so many instances. Where the investigation stands into the IRS’ targeting of conservatives — it’s been in the news a little bit. Why the attorney general hasn’t appointed a special counsel. Why former IRS official Lois Lerner has not been charged. Why he did appoint an Obama donor to lead the investigation? For that matter, why Democrats have repeatedly mischaracterized the Supreme Court decision on the Hobby Lobby [case], which Mr. Holder lost, or the administration’s terrible track record at the U.S. Supreme Court having several unanimous decisions against it, 20 times they’ve been ruled against unanimously by this court. The attorney general is not asked to make the administration’s case for expanding executive authority. And perhaps threatening our constitutional system as Professor Jonathan Turley and others have alleged in congressional testimony. And we could go on.

They did go on. Napolitano said the session was “tepid” enough that it was as if Holder was “running for office and this was his campaign manager questioning him.” Incredulity crept into the discussion as Kelly just couldn’t believe that Thomas “talked to [Holder] about how he feels about the Washington Redskins.” Which is, of course, a big news story and a perfectly strong question to pose to the attorney general.

The takeaway: No one’s interview with Eric Holder is going to satisfy Megyn Kelly, as she sort of suggested in her chat with Napolitano: “Eric Holder is a very important figure in America right now,” said Kelly. “And getting an interview with him would be huge. And I’ve said many times, that’s my No. 1 interview I would like to do. No. 1 is Eric Holder because there’s so many important things to ask him about.”

Kelly is right that Thomas failed to make the attorney general squirm, though he did ask him about “important things,” just not the same list of “important things” that Kelly keeps. A careful choice, Kelly suggested, may explain how this interview came about. Speaking to Napolitano, a former New Jersey judge, she asked, “So much … was left on the table and I ask you, judge, whether our chief law enforcement officer chose the interviewer he did for that reason, a softball interview.”

ABC News resents the implication. “That’s just not the case,” says ABC News Senior Vice President Jeffrey W. Schneider. “Pierre Thomas has been going hard at securing that interview as well as the recent interviews he did with the secretary of homeland security and the director of the FBI. To suggest otherwise just does not square with the truth.”