Writing in the Atlantic, Megan Garber calls out the New York Times for publishing a troubling photo of the wreckage of the Malaysia Airlines flight that crashed near the Russia/Ukraine border. In the photo, a “young woman who had shoulder-length hair” was visible. Wrote Garber:

I know what she was wearing when she died: a t-shirt of bright white and a skirt of deep black. I know that when she died, she was holding something. Or someone. Her pale arms, stark in a sea of fuel-blackened wreckage, remain frozen in an awkward embrace.

Asked about the photo judgment, New York Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy responds: “The image you are referring to was the first to land in our system on this big news story, and was replaced shortly thereafter by a visually superior one when it became available. This is routine on the web where we constantly update and refresh images.”