The playbook for immigration hard-liners vis-a-vis the rush of minors to the U.S. border with Mexico goes something like this: Express concern and sympathy for the children, and advocate their deportation. This awkward juxtaposition got the satirical treatment from Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert last night. “I love the Latin American people,” said Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham, in a sound bite captured by Colbert. She also said, “First thing you do is start deporting people — not by the hundreds, not by the dozens, by the thousands.”

Riffed Colbert: “It’s a tough love, or a very soft hate.”

The highlight of this segment, however, came via some Web-based reporting. The host highlighted Fox News clips casting a suspicious eye on plans to house illegal immigrants at the Palm Aire Hotel & Suites in Weslaco, Tex. One Fox Newser noted that the resort offered “indoor and outdoor pools, WiFi, cable, tennis courts, laundromat, snack bar, sauna, steam fitness center.” Meanwhile, Colbert & Co. hopped on TripAdvisor in an effort to allay the concerns of Fox News that U.S. tax dollars might be providing excess comfort to undocumented children. “Terrible hotel,” said one recent review on the site.

“The bottom line: We love these kids, and the worst hotel in the world is still too good for them,” said Colbert. Fact check: Not all the reviews of this hotel on TripAdvisor are negative.