In a recent riff on the Iraq war retrospection, comedian Jon Stewart ripped into Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.): “Since John McCain was one of the wrongest before and during the war, it’s only fitting that in this current crisis, he was on so many shows, you’d think he just won ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ ”

In an interview with McCain regarding the media, Fox News “Media Buzz” host Howard Kurtz asked whether Stewart was fair to Republicans. McCain: “No, but it doesn’t matter really. He’s a comedian.”

Kurtz, not buying all that, responded that Stewart is a social critic with a large following. Whatever, McCain seemed to suggest: “When he  says things — which he’s entitled to, after all; he’s a late night comic — that are absolutely wrong, he gets away with it. And that’s — it is what it is. I frankly have no beef with late-night comedians who make fun of politicians.”

What McCain does have a problem with, however, are designated mainstream media types who don’t play it straight. Vis-a-vis President Obama, of course. “I think the media in many respects, particularly when I read some of the, quote, commentators’s columns, they continue to apologize and justify what is clearly a failed national security policy of this administration.” Good thing we have McCain, then, to turn in an appearance or 100 on cable television.