Radio host Laura Ingraham today nibbled at the most plausible media-related conspiracy theory that the Erik Wemple Blog has heard this summer. On her eponymous program today, Ingraham, who also does work for Fox News and ABC News, lamented that the border crisis got swamped by MH17 and Israel-Hamas on the Sunday political talk shows. She noted that those stories are indeed big stories, though they sit at a remove from American back yards: “But what is happening in this country is critically important, immediately important to the lives of people here now,” she said.

That thought set Ingraham up for this question to listeners: “Do you believe there is an ongoing attempt to divert attention in the American media and by the Obama administration away from our own domestic crisis here in favor of just swamping the narrative with only foreign policy stories — yes or no?”

Just how its propagators would carry out this attempt isn’t quite clear, but in any case, Ingraham’s on-air musings/poll question are more grounded than a pair of other media-oriented hypotheses available this summer on the cable news airwaves. Case No. 1: Fox News commentator Keith Ablow in late June confessed to having suspicions about the “convenient” role of the World Cup: “Let’s roll out the marijuana, pull back the laws and get people even more crazy about yet another entertainment event. I think this is a way to distract people. This is like Rome . . . I can see why Obama would love the World Cup.” Case No. 2: Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth wondered whether the timing of the arrest of Benghazi suspect Ahmed Abu Khattala was coordinated to overlap with book-tour media appearances by former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton. “It’s all too neat and it’s too cute,” said Hegseth.