Rupert Murdoch’s attempt to acquire Time Warner has yielded a comedic opening for the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart to engage in one of his specialties: satirizing CNN. Were Murdoch to succeed in acquiring the parent company of CNN, the 24/7 cable network would have to be spun off, because it’s a direct competitor of Murdoch’s long-standing cable network, Fox News. Citing a $10 billion valuation for CNN, Stewart riffed: “That’s a lot of money for anyone. But not a lot of money for everyone. Which is why tonight we are starting our Kickstarter campaign to buy CNN. You can buy it at

Herewith a screenshot of the fundraising inducements on the site:

Another one:

And in an indication of just how edgy this comedian is, he even dared to lampoon the unimpeachable CNN morning anchor Carol Costello:

Whether it’s CNN’s coverage of the Boston bombings, its coverage of MH370 or its in-playness on the sales block, Stewart makes a living off of the network (along with other cable networks, of course). And there’s evidence that his slights aren’t always appreciated within CNN corridors. “If it seems like I’m being disrespectful of Jon Stewart, it’s only because I am,” CNN anchor Chris Cuomo told the Erik Wemple Blog yesterday. “He’s funny but he doesn’t do the job we do and he shouldn’t pretend he does.”