In an interview on Fox News yesterday, host Neil Cavuto asked former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg about some machinations in the media world. Mogul Rupert Murdoch has sought to buy Time Warner, a scenario in which CNN would end up being spun off to avoid a single company owning both Murdoch’s Fox News and CNN.

So Cavuto asked whether Bloomberg would be interested in snapping up CNN. Not at all, as it turns out. “I can’t think of why we would be interested in buying CNN. We’ve got a business, we’ve got to reinvest in our business and work very hard. I just did an interview in the same building, Neil, with Wolf Blitzer on CNN. A lot of people like CNN, a lot of people watch it – Ted Turner had a great concept when he started it. I don’t know who else would buy it or whether Rupert would sell it off. My guess is if Rupert can’t buy Time Warner, CNN would not get sold, then who knows how that deal is going to turn out.”

When Bloomberg was on CNN for that Blitzer interview, he gushed a bit more: “Everybody watches CNN,” he said.