Sarah Palin (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)

As previously reported in this space, Sarah Palin’s contributor contract with Fox News gives cable news’s top network first rights to her work on the Internet and on television, a requirement that she “rogued” when she gave her high-traffic essay on impeaching President Obama. Now comes the news that Palin is not just doing a little work on the Web — she’s starting her own, bona fide subscription online news portal, the Sarah Palin Channel.

According to a Fox News spokeswoman, Fox News Channel and Palin mutually agreed to a contractual carve-out for a Web venture during negotiations over her current contract, which was announced in June 2013. Those negotiations took place following the January 2013 expiration of Palin’s previous, three-year contributor contract. Palin is media-versatile, active on Facebook, radio shows, Fox News and, now, her own home base.