Perhaps on account of a dearth of things to satirize, “The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart last night provided an update on his jokey effort to buy CNN amid reports that it could be spun off from Time Warner in the event that Rupert Murdoch buys the media giant. “We have raised … $4.3 trillion,” said the host. That gave way to a best-of reel of Stewart’s frequent riffs on CNN lameness over the years, especially all the quirky and crazy studio technology flourishes that the network has put on air.

Stewart even dug up a throwback shot to his coverage of CNN’s 20th anniversary bash, back in 2000:


That was just more than a year after Stewart took over “The Daily Show.” He said last night: “Look what watching CNN for 15 years does to a person. There should be a warning label on that network.” Go to to post suggestions for how the new owners of the network can improve the product, implored Stewart. “Photoshop the amazing technology you’d like to see the new CNN uselessly incorporate,” he said.