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Geraldo Rivera today took to the Fox News noontime program “Outnumbered” to discuss current events, among them whether “nice guys finish last.” A new study, said Rivera, suggests that guys who are “too attentive, too responsive on first dates may creep the ladies out.”

Here’s a topic customized for “Outnumbered,” which is at its worst-best when the five hosts (always four women and #oneluckyguy) riff about dating, gender issues or sex. After some discussion of why women gag at excessive initial niceness, host Harris Faulkner personalized the debate by asking Rivera, “Were you a good guy or a bad guy?”

Rivera responded, “Well, my record speaks for itself.”

That it does. The Fox News host’s 1991 memoir isn’t titled “Exposing Myself” for nothing. The 480-page tome does indeed outline Rivera’s evolving political views and his early years as a TV journalist. But its essence is a sex log: Every time you turn the page, it seems, Rivera is spilling the particulars of another tryst with some co-worker, acquaintance or semi-famous woman. In a by-the-numbers abridgment of the book, Entertainment Weekly determined that Rivera five times mentioned “sex with more than one woman (usually at the same time) … on the same page.”

Last week, in the same “Outnumbered” couch spot, Rivera, in a discussion about “beta” marriages, said, “I think what a woman brings to a marriage more than anything else — to a relationship — is her youth. Her youth is a fragile and diminishing resource.”

Aside from his general charm and television skills, then, Rivera has other assets that make him the perfect “Outnumbered” guest: All those conquests, the four marriages and accumulated wisdom therefrom, and his willingness to say utterly stupid things, which is a must for “Outnumbered”‘s #Oneluckyguy.