Before her current incarnation as senior White House correspondent for NBC News, Chris Jansing anchored a program on MSNBC, an outlet that ridiculed the various birther conspiracies surrounding President Obama. Perhaps the lessons didn’t sear themselves properly into Jansing’s head. Yesterday, in a report on the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, Jansing told host Joy Reid about the expectations in Africa for the president: “Yeah, the fact that he’s from Kenya and the fact that when he was elected there were expectations on the African continent that he would do great things for them.”

Later Jansing said: “Just obviously to clarify, I misspoke at the top before. It’s obviously the president’s father who is from Kenya and you clarified that.”

The birther movement needs only the slightest bit of encouragement to ignite itself, and the words of an NBC News reporter — all clarifications aside — could well be enough.

(H/T Mediaite)