In a Facebook post, departing CNN producer Kim Segal suggests that her longtime employer may have lost a step or two in recent years. Addressing CNN in general, she writes:

I loved you from the moment we met. It was a time when you cared more about coups than poop cruises, when people like Baby Doc would get more air time than a kid named Bieber and when news was the star. Oh how I long for that wonderful time when news was the star. Even then, some folks still called us Chicken Noodle News but more often we would hear Communist News Network. This was because of Ted.

Another reference to the past:

There were no pundits or opinions just a 24 hour quest for objectivity and balance.

Journos have a tendency to nostalgify the great, towering work they did years and years ago. Is this such an instance or an accurate reflection of a drift away from serious journalism at CNN?

Segal decided to leave CNN for a position as an attorney with the Broward County Public Defender’s Office. Turner Broadcasting, which includes CNN, TBS, TNT and Cartoon Network, has undertaken a cost-cutting initiative featuring voluntary employee buyouts.

(H/T Romenesko)