After breaking down the gamut of madness surrounding the NFL’s problem with domestic violence and child abuse, “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart asked, “What does a stupid person make of all this?”

So he went to a clip of the “Sean Hannity Show” in which the host said this: “I do believe Adrian Peterson went too far, I’ll say it again,” said Hannity, referring to the Minnesota Vikings running back who got benched by the team after being indicted on charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child. Continued Hannity: “But my problem here is do parents have the right to instill their values in their children…You guys wanna tell parents what they can and cannot do. For example, is it gonna become illegal if a parent teaches the politically correct view that being gay is not normal.” (Hannity presumably meant politically incorrect.)

To that, Stewart responded, “Your special brand of spiteful ignorance will always be legal — and profitable, so sleep well, my friend.” Hannity’s comments came not on his Fox News program, but rather on his radio show.