The title of a segment on last night’s “O’Reilly Factor” was “How to deal with dumb people.” Those “dumb people,” argued O’Reilly were voices on the left who’ve trashed his plan to muster a 25,000-strong mercenary force to be deployed in the worldwide campaign against terrorism. The mercenaries, according to the O’Reilly plan, would be well paid, English-speaking and trained by top U.S.  and NATO personnel in accordance with the Geneva Convention. Fox News’s Charles Krauthammer, a good chunk of the commentariat and Stephen Colbert have all trashed the proposal. In a riff last week, Colbert slammed it this way: “You know these mercenaries will be good guys because only the best people kill whoever you want for cash. It’s quality folks, is what I’m saying — unlike those suckers who do it for love of country.”

In last night’s show, O’Reilly provided a summary of his proposal, then lamented the reception it has received.

Well, the left wing’s having none of that. People like Stephen Colbert, mocking the plan. But here’s the tip: Mr. Colbert and others of his ilk have no bleeping clue how to fight the jihad. They don’t know anything. And when someone gets beheaded their reaction is ‘Oh, that’s bad.’ But by being completely vacant, it doesn’t stop these people from mocking ideas that might have some value, might solve some complex problems. Because in the world of the ideologue, where Colbert lives, solutions don’t really matter. It’s how you feel about things.

The fun — and misleading — part of this riff is that Krauthammer — he of not the left wing — is among those who’ve spoken ill of O’Reilly’s mercenary force, calling it a bunch of “desperados” (a point made by Colbert). Not that O’Reilly can claim to have missed that part, since Krauthammer was voicing his reservations right to the face of the King of Cable News.

Eh, doesn’t matter. As we’ve written before, there’s nothing like an idiotic, risible idea to move the needle in the world of cable news.  The O’Reilly Mercenary Army has already fetched a segment on “CBS This Morning” as well as a good laugh-down on the “Colbert Report.” Success.