(Screenshot from BostonHerald.com)

Here’s one for the what-could-they-possibly-have-been-thinking file. Have a look at the cartoon above. The problem requires no explanation, and it’s just as inexplicable how the Boston Herald could have published it. CBS Boston indicates that the newspaper has already kinda apologized:

“Contributors to our Editorial and Opinion pages have the right to express their views, and satire is clearly used in Jerry Holbert’s cartoon today,” Herald spokesperson Gwen Gage said in a statement.
“That said, we sincerely regret if we inadvertently offended anyone and extend our sincere apologies.”

No question whatsoever that the big news of the past couple of weeks is customized for satire. On Sept. 19, 42-year-old Iraq war veteran Omar Gonzalez allegedly scaled a fence in front of the White House and entered the presidential mansion through the unlocked front door. The original storyline had the intruder being tackled at the front door. More recent reporting, however, has revealed that he got much farther into the inner sancta of the White House, giving fodder to comedians looking to riff on the executive orders and other tasks that the intruder managed to complete before the bumbling Secret Service apprehended him.

But watermelon toothpaste for a black president? A piece in Mashable cited this helpful tweet: