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Breaking: Politico staffers to get free snacks in new office space

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Politico staffers will receive free snacks once the growing Rosslyn operation moves to new office space, they learned Tuesday afternoon, according to sources who wished to remain anonymous for fear of revealing the company’s snack plans. “We’re having a vote sometime in March on what snacks to have,” notes one of those sources.

The Erik Wemple Blog recommends chopped walnuts.

Provision of free snacks is the most significant signal yet that Politico has the resources to grow — far more significant than its stated plans to expand to Europe and to other states in the U.S.

Politico’s move, into 72,000 square feet of space next door to its current Wilson Boulevard haunt, will take place next spring.

In other, far less important news from the meeting, at D.C.’s Hamilton restaurant: Politico is getting the lion’s share of its revenue from online advertising and the Politico Pro subscription service. Print revenue accounts for around 20 percent of the whole. Also: Blake Hounshell, Politico Magazine’s deputy editor, will be promoted to editorial director for digital. Management also gave staff a look at its redesigned homepage.

Returning to the issue of snacks, Politico has an uphill climb in battling Bloomberg for pantry preeminence. The omnivorous business and government news site has long done a phenomenal job of keeping its employees away from the munchy aisle at CVS. The three Bloomberg offices in the Washington region — BGOV, Bloomberg News and Bloomberg BNA — all present a daily spread that includes coffee, tea, cold water with lemon slices, a variety of cereals, yogurt, crackers, granola and fresh fruit. So stocked is the pantry that Bloomberg BNA at one point threatened to install surveillance cameras to nab employees who raid it for take-home supplies. The company didn’t follow through on that plan.

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