David Plotz, the guy who up and resigned his job as editor of Slate earlier this year, announced in an e-mail that he has taken a new one as CEO of Atlas Obscura, a site that bills itself as “the definitive guide to the world’s wondrous and curious places.”

The way Plotz tells it, the site runs on user-generated content about “extraordinary, weird, and fascinating places — both around the world and around the corner.” It was launched and is owned by Joshua Foer, who Plotz says will be chairman of the company. More Plotz: “Our plan for Atlas Obscura — more details to come! — is to raise money this fall from investors, relaunch and expand, bring on a staff of journalists and product/developers, and turn Atlas Obscura into a National Geographic of the 21st century — the digital brand that defines discovery and wonder for our generation.”

In case you were wondering how to conceptualize Atlas Obscura’s place in the constellation of media, Plotz provides some help there, too, comparing his new spot to a much-obsessed-about contemporary outlet: “Vice approaches the world drunk, high, and with a gun. Atlas Obscura has the same curiosity, but more sweetly. It can be Nice Vice,” writes Plotz.

Plotz says he’ll continue hosting Slate’s Political Gabfest.