In this afternoon’s edition of his eponymous CNN program, host Wolf Blitzer went after the “messaging” behind the Ebola problem. Here is how Blitzer introduced the segment:

Ebola has certainly eroded the confidence in the way the Obama administration and medical professionals have handled it. It requires a delicate balancing act between telling people the hard facts without overly scaring.
When the president confidently said America can handle the Ebola threat, he overstated the case, at least initially. The public seemed to have lost some confidence. The president is trying to fix all of that. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention obviously made some mistakes as well in initially dealing with the virus, putting some people potentially at risk as far as initial protocols were concerned, especially for some nurses. So getting out the message right now, learning the message is critically important.

As if the entirety of the “messaging” on Ebola fell to the Obama administration. In fact, Blitzer and his cable-news cohort play a role that’s at least as critical, as they’ve gnawed at every little Ebola tidbit to emerge in these weeks of panic. Talk about self-unaware segment introductions.

Some folks out there see outright hypocrisy:

As watcher of endless hours of CNN Ebola coverage, the Erik Wemple Blog has seen the gamut — comments from hosts that use hard facts to put folks at rest and comments from hosts that do not. In any case, one of the “messages” that CNN delivers comes via volume: With flagging public interest in the midterm elections and merely incremental developments in the Islamic State story, CNN has become the mostly-Ebola network. And the Ebola preponderance, even if it’s executed in a sober and reassuring manner, drives jitters all on its own.