In an interview with the Associated Press (AP), Ashoka Mukpo, 33, spoke about the suffering he endured after contracting Ebola in a trip to Liberia where he worked as a freelance cameraman for NBC News:

Mukpo said he felt as if his body was “at war” with the virus: he was in pain and weak, he had a fever that went as high as 104 degrees, it was hard to walk and eat, and he lost 15 pounds in a week. Mukpo isn’t sure how he contracted Ebola because he said he was careful while filming.

So why would a guy put himself at such risk? Mukpo’s answer: Journalism! Having previously spent two years in Liberia as a human rights advocate, he felt compelled: “I saw these awful things happening to this country that I had a connection to,” Mukpo told the AP. “There was still some confusion about what the international response could be. I felt like ‘OK, if I shoot film, I write, I’m going to help be part of the solution to this.’ And I felt like that was worth the risk.”