Last week, the Erik Wemple Blog wrote that the Washington Post was headed for an all-male masthead after the announcement that Usha Chaudhary, the paper’s CFO, would be leaving for a big job at the Pew Charitable Trusts. Following the departure of former publisher Katharine Weymouth, Chaudhary was and is currently the last woman standing on the masthead.

Today, however, new publisher Fred Ryan announced a pair of promotions: Beth Diaz, who currently heads up research, business development and marketing at the paper, will take a new position as vice president of Audience Development and Analytics. Diaz has been with The Post full-time since 2003 and has worked in a number of jobs on the business side. Also, Kris Coratti, a very responsive spokeswoman for The Post, will move up to the position of vice president, Communications. According to Ryan’s memo, Coratti has overseen a team responsible for “creating and booking TV and radio segments, driving traffic and links to our content, disseminating breaking news to other news media and securing feature stories within our industry.” Her accession to The Post came via the formerly Virginia-based web side of the paper — Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive — where she started in 2006. The vice-presidential positions of Diaz and Coratti are brand new in The Post’s hierarchy.

A Washington Post spokesperson told the Erik Wemple Blog that the promotions would place Diaz and Coratti on the masthead, possibly as soon as tomorrow. And given that Chaudhary doesn’t depart until Nov. 21, the masthead will have three female leaders for that critical pre-Thanksgiving period.

Chaudhary’s replacement will be a former colleague of Ryan’s: Steve Gibson spent the past 16 years as CFO of Allbritton Communications Co., owner of Politico and, until recently, WJLA-TV and various other local television stations.