On his Fox News program last night, King of Cable News Bill O’Reilly launched an elbow at claims that the police in this country discriminate against black people: “All over the U.S.A., liberal pundits continue to say that blacks are being mistreated by society in general, but especially by the police,” said O’Reilly, for whom “liberal pundits” is longhand for “weenies.”

Those words coincide with the publication of a stunning little set of data courtesy of the Public Religion Research Institute. Along with many other questions, a survey by this organization asked folks whether they agreed or disagreed with the notion that “Police officers generally treat blacks and other minorities the same as whites.”

Those who named O’Reilly and his colleagues as their most trusted TV source, found the survey, agreed to the tune of 71 percent to 25 percent.

For CNN? Simply flip the numbers: Just 26 percent of those who named CNN their most trusted TV source agreed with that idea, as opposed to the 72 percent who disagreed with it.

Stunning? Not as a general proposition, given that everyone knows that in 2014, cable news networks cater to different self-identities. The nearly symmetrical mirror image, however, is jarring.