Here’s what should be the final chapter in the saga of Nancy Snyderman, the NBC News chief medical editor who went to Liberia and then came back in early October under a voluntary quarantine that she violated. After finishing that quarantine and spending several idle weeks, Snyderman this morning returned to the air and said something that media types rarely say: “I’m very sorry,” she said in a “Today” show chat with Matt Lauer. She apologized for “not only scaring my community and the country but adding to the confusion of terms that came as fast and furious as the news about Ebola did,” she said. She and her team weren’t sensitive to “how absolutely frightened Americans were,” said Snyderman.

“Good people can make mistakes, and I stepped outside the boundaries of what I promised to do and what the public expected of me and for that I’m sorry,” she continued. Doctor, the Erik Wemple Blog will be the judge of who’s a good person. That said, this is an excellent apology.