CNN Capitol Hill correspondent Dana Bash this morning interviewed Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) about the events of earlier today in Paris, where terrorists killed 12 people and seriously injured five at the offices of the weekly Charlie Hebdo. Graham offered a warning for journalists.

When asked by Bash whether this attack could be the work of the Islamic State terror organization, Graham, a member of the Senate armed services committee, responded, “I would be shocked if it’s not at least inspired.”

“Whether or not it’s command and control, I don’t know,” said Graham, noting that there will be a briefing later. “The question is what can we learn from this. I think Secretary [of State John] Kerry spoke very eloquently about the people who died and they are martyrs for the right causes. But people in your business need to be concerned. You’re soft targets and they hate the idea of [the media] being able to tell a story.”

Bash then asked whether Graham was making that assessment based on intelligence feedback.

“Just based on common sense,” Graham replied. “They’re moving away from military-style targets. They’re beginning to target soft targets.”