The White House needs young folks to sign up for Obamacare — they’re critical for the insurance pool that’ll keep this signature policy initiative afloat. The current enrollment period ends on Feb. 15, so this is crunch time.

President Obama himself can be found pitching in this BuzzFeed Motion Pictures/Video presentation. It’s cute, catchy, well-produced — and it’s an advertisement for a White House initiative. In the piece, Obama uses a selfie stick and otherwise jokes around about stuff. “In many cases you can get health insurance for less than $100 a month. Just go to to figure out how to sign up,” says the president, as he practices his pitch lines in the mirror.

It comes pretty much concurrently with this extensive interview of Obama by BuzzFeed Editor Ben Smith.

That the video/advertisement and the interview appear to be part of the same package raises a question for BuzzFeed: Did the White House demand a video as a precondition of the interview? Perhaps to capture BuzzFeed’s young Web audience for

No. A BuzzFeed spokesperson told the Erik Wemple Blog via e-mail, “We took them the idea of doing both a BuzzFeed News interview and a BuzzFeed Motion Pictures video almost four months ago – we always intended to do both.” That solves it.