Washington’s Fox affiliate, WTTG-TV (Fox5), is disclosing that its chief investigative reporter, Emily Miller, is a Second Amendment “proponent.” At the bottom of her Feb. 24 article about securing her D.C. gun carry permit, the story notes, “Emily Miller is a proponent for Second Amendment rights. She is the author of ‘Emily Gets Her Gun,’ which is about national politics of gun control and why she decided to get a gun in Washington, D.C.”

WTTG’s italicized footer is both transparent and accurate: As the Erik Wemple Blog pointed out in this post, Miller recently addressed gun-rights advocates in Annapolis as part of a lobbying day for the agenda of groups including Maryland Shall Issue and the National Rifle Association. “I call myself pro-Second Amendment. Because a gun is a tool but this fight — this fight is for freedom,” said Miller. And as Media Matters for America reported, Miller previously spoke at a Richmond gun rally, where she said, in part, “It’s great to be in Virginia, which is part of America where you recognize the Second Amendment. I came from D.C. this morning, which is not part of America, because they don’t recognize the Second Amendment.”

WTTG’s disclosure is a bi-platform thing, as the TV news segment on Miller’s gun-carry permit also informed viewers of her position on Second Amendment rights. It’s unclear whether WTTG has ever issued this disclosure in previous stories by Miller, a question that the Erik Wemple Blog has posed to the station’s spokeswoman. A story by Miller last July on gun-carry issues in D.C. featured this less disclosureful tagline: “Emily Miller is the chief investigative reporter for Fox 5 DC. She is the author of Emily Gets Her Gun (Regnery/2013).” We also asked WTTG if there’s another chief investigative reporter at the station who’s a proponent of gun control and whether the station will allow other reporters with policy agendas to use the station to advance them. We’ll update if and when we hear back.