On Monday night, Fox News host Megyn Kelly interviewed colleague Howard Kurtz to criticize the mainstream media for failing to cast suspicion on the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative in the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., in August. And also to congratulate Fox News for succeeding in casting suspicion on this narrative.

Kelly: “Fox News got this right — not just me, we played on “The Kelly File,” but Fox News urged caution on this case from the very beginning.”

On his program last night, “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart played a bit of Kelly’s chat and then awarded Fox News a Fudgie the Whale cake for “that time you were right.”

The host extracted some fun out of an exchange between Kurtz, who noted that folks would have to hold their “breath a long time” if they intended to wait for the mainstream media not only to admit they were wrong about Ferguson but also to credit Fox News. Kelly followed with quite a response: “We don’t care about them,” she said.

“Sure,” said Stewart, “you don’t care in the same way my mom doesn’t care if I ever call.”

He might have pointed out that Kelly and Fox News cared quite enough about the mainstream media to cooperate for a January cover story in the NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE titled “The Megyn Kelly Moment.” The story featured an extensive interview with Kelly, several photos of Kelly and so on — massive access. And check it out — here’s Kelly herself not-caring at the New York Times Magazine re-launch party.