Americans didn’t know too much about Trevor Noah before the comedian was named as the successor to host Jon Stewart on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.” Noah is from South Africa and started as a correspondent on the “Daily Show” only last December. Before the New York Times broke the news about his ascension, the newspaper had mentioned him just 10 times since 2000 — most of them in entertainment listings.

So it’s only logical that folks would scroll back in Noah’s Twitter feed  to find out more about him. Those folks, too, have come away disturbed by tweets about Jews, women and Israel. People are debating whether they’re permissible as edgy comedy or just plain offensive. Such debates will never be resolved, yet there’s one tweet that stops the Erik Wemple Blog cold:

The date on that tweet is Oct. 14, 2011. Noah was born on Feb. 20, 1984. Meaning that Noah was 27 years, seven months and 24 days old — about a decade beyond high-school age — when he tweeted out a fat-chick joke.