ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos this morning issue an apology on “Good Morning America” over the news that he’d contributed $75,000 over three years to the Clinton Foundation. Here’s how he phrased things:

Now I want to address some news you may have seen about me. Over the last several years I’ve made substantial donations to dozens of charities, including the Clinton Global Foundation. Those donations were a matter of public record, but I should have made additional disclosures on air when we covered the foundation. And I now believe that directing personal donations to that foundation was a mistake. Even though I made them strictly to support work done to stop the spread of AIDS, help children and protect the environment in poor countries, I should have gone the extra mile to avoid even the appearance of a conflict. I apologize to all of you for failing to do that.

Those words set up a game of “Compare the Apologies.” Yesterday, after the Washington Free Beacon made an inquiry about Stephanopoulos’s donations, he issued this apology:

I made charitable donations to the Foundation in support of the work they’re doing on global AIDS prevention and deforestation, a cause I care about deeply. I thought that my contributions were all a matter of public record. However, in hindsight, I should have taken the extra step of personally disclosing my donations to my employer and to the viewers on air during the recent news stories about the Foundation. I apologize.

Whereas Stephanopoulos initially appears to have thought his only — or at least primary — mistake was failing to tell viewers and his bosses about his donations, he now is copping to two mistakes: The donations themselves and having failed to issue appropriate and timely disclosures. With the additional mea culpa, Stephanopoulos leaves in the cold anyone who may have stood up for him on the grounds that he was just giving to a charity.