Fox News correspondent James Rosen last night gave viewers a close look at Hillary Clinton’s voice. Highlighting a stop that the 2016 Democratic presidential hopeful had made in Columbia, S.C., Rosen reported, “It didn’t take long once candidate Hillary Clinton returned to Dixieland for her patented Southern accent, that fickle and elusive creature that only surfaces in select settings, to raise its proud head once more.”

What followed was a series of Clinton soundbites and snarkbites from Rosen, who noted that the woman speaking with a bit of a twang is an “Illinois native who graduated from Wellesley and represented New York in the U.S. Senate.” He also conceded that whatever Southern-accented “digressions” Clinton unfurled in South Carolina were “relatively tame.” And he vowed to stay on this microbeat: “Details of the Clinton campaign strategy and schedule have been slow to reach news organizations. As soon as we learn of another unscheduled change of accent, however, we’ll bring it to you right here,” said Rosen to Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

Other outlets also pounced on the accent thing, to the consternation of Clinton sympathizers. This being an industrious U.S. media, however, there is more serious coverage of the Clinton family out there for sampling, including this Ken Vogel piece in Politico about Sidney Blumenthal’s receiving $10,000 a month as an employee of the Clinton Foundation while he was sending advice to then-Secretary of State Clinton about Libya.