Earlier today, a Gawker post announced the news that upwards of 100 editorial employees at Gawker Media had voted to unionize. “The next steps: determining what we want to bargain for; forming a bargaining committee; and negotiating a contract. We are unionized,” noted the post.

Politico’s Mike Elk exulted. He’s the labor reporter at the Rosslyn-based Web site who has been advocating for unionization. Here’s the e-mail he sent to his colleagues:

Historic Union Victory at Gawker – What’s next at POLITICO?

Our brothers and sisters at Gawker have scored a historic victory for journalists everywhere today. They had transparent process that allowed themselves to show why people to choose a union. I certainly think that we have the type of innovative leadership for that type of process to unfold. As someone, who has been active in the Newspaper Guild for my entire career, its been my intention since I got hired here to organize Politico.

If you are interesting in getting involved feel free to email me totally confidentially at mike.elk@gmail.com – I would hope that as journalists that we could be as transparent as our brothers and sisters at Gawker.

Solidarity Brothers & Sisters – its a historic day for journalism!

Here’s Capital New York with the details


Earlier this year, this blog examined the difficulties of organizing at Politico, a place with high turnover where incoming reporters pretty much expect to work very long hours. Elk cited that very dynamic in detailing his efforts: “Everyone works so much, it’s almost tough to get people to get together to talk about” unionization, he said.