Over the past few weeks, CNN has demanded some edits to how the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) characterized its participation in this week’s Clinton Global Initiative America Meeting in Denver. It took issue with CGI’s Web site referring to CNN anchor Jake Tapper as a “speaker” at the event, when in fact he was just interviewing President Clinton and moderating a panel discussion (from which he ultimately withdrew). And while the CGI site once referred to CNN as a “broadcast partner,” it no longer does. “[T]hey asked us to modify how we positioned them,” noted Clinton Foundation spokesperson Craig Minassian told the Erik Wemple Blog. (CGI is essentially a subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation).

Bloomberg has caused no such commotion. Betty Liu, anchor for Bloomberg TV, will interview Clinton on Wednesday, as well as moderate a panel discussion on the theme of “Tequity: Innovation, Technology, and Diversity.” Bloomberg TV will air the Clinton interview as well as the panel discussion. This give-and-take arrangement — get an audience with the president, moderate a wonky panel discussion — is a “template” for how media organizations secure access to CGI proceedings.

The CGI program for the week identifies Bloomberg TV as a “broadcast partner” of CGI, an interesting descriptor given the current focus on overlaps between the Clinton Foundation and the work of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. A spokeswoman for Bloomberg TV tells the Erik Wemple Blog: “We don’t have any concerns. We cover the people and topics important to our viewers and readers, and we’ve always had the editorial ability to ask the questions we want. This is no different.”

Questions are one thing; guests and topics, another. The Clinton Foundation, after all, decides on the programming for CGI sessions, though Minassian says that the organization cooperates closely with media partners on guests and other stuff. “Programming originating from CGI is designed to highlight participants and commitment makers by giving them opportunity to talk about how they are tackling critical domestic and global challenges,” Minassian tells the Erik Wemple Blog via e-mail.

That imperative is a nonprofit’s imperative, not a journalistic outfit’s imperative.

All these circumstances require a massive on-air disclaimer:

We are a broadcast partner of the Clinton Global Initiative, a program of the Clinton Foundation, the charity of the first family of the Democratic Party. Per this arrangement, we get an one-on-one interview with former president Bill Clinton and moderate a panel discussion, which will be presented on these airwaves. Though we decide what questions are asked, the program topics and guests come from the Clinton Foundation. Please remember that President Clinton is a much-sought-after interviewee.