– Jackson, MS

In an interview just moments ago, Brad Conaway, digital content manager for Jackson, Miss., TV station WLBT (an NBC affiliate), told the Erik Wemple Blog that about 1,400 people were on the station’s Web site, half of whom were watching the video above. Facebook is surfacing upward of a million views for the minute-and-a-half clip. What could account for the viralage? Oh, just a rather spectacular variation on the TV news staple of the eyewitness interview. Here, one Courtney Barnes recounts an accident involving a police patrol car; this blog knows better than to try to characterize the narration. When not putting on a show for the local news camera, Barnes has been known to dance. According to Conaway, there was some concern that “Courtney didn’t see the whole thing,” but the details appear to “jibe with the rest of the reporting” on the crash.