Last week on CNN, a South Carolina lawmaker recklessly blamed “things like Fox News” for inspiring Dylann Roof to allegedly shoot up the Emanuel AME church in Charleston.

This morning, the wacky Charleston blame game took another twist, this time on Fox News. “America’s Newsroom” host Martha MacCallum asked guest Kevin Jackson about the movement to take down the Confederate flag in South Carolina and elsewhere. Jackson replied, “Well, let’s hope that it eradicates racism, Martha, I mean that’s essentially what the left is after. You know, they never give up anything. This is such a red herring that takes away from the real issue that liberals created this kid that shot up this church. And South Carolina did what America does, which is they responded by saying we’re a family. We’re not going to buy into this nonsense … it may have been racially motivated but we’re not racially motivated here. So blaming the flag is ridiculous. It’s not going to do anything … what essentially the left is trying to say is let’s eradicate history.”

MacCallum took it all in, responding, “Interesting argument, in terms of removing that from history.”

Jackson’s bona fides as a Fox News guest are available here. He’s the author of “The BIG Black Lie: How I Learned the Truth About the Democrat Party,” and promotional materials for the book hail him: “A rising star in political circles, Kevin Jackson has been called the black Glenn Beck.” He’s executive director of the Black Sphere, “self-appointed ‘Offender of the Left’ sworn to set the record straight on the destruction by Democrats to the black community.” He’s also a radio host.

“If you think you recognize Jackson,” reads his bio on the Black Sphere site, “it is likely from his numerous TV appearances … ” True, particularly now that he has saddled liberals with Dylann Roof. We’ve sent Jackson a note asking him to elaborate on his thinking.

Update 2:30 p.m.: Jackson responded promptly to our request, writing the following in an e-mail:

He’s a Millennial, i.e. very non-racial according to all data. He didn’t grow up in a white-supremacist family. So he’s a product of culture, a culture Liberals own. From the moment he hit school, in his generation, boys are bad. White boys are worse.
While he played with all kids of all colors and got along, when the time for playing ended, and it was time to get his “higher education,” he hit the wall of Affirmative Action.
Then, when it’s time to get a job, he gets more Affirmative Action.
Saida Grundy made it all too clear that the institution that Liberalism built, “Lower Ed” has no place for white males (or white people) so much so that wackademics prefer to be Indians (case in point Elizabeth Fraudzilla Warren), or blacks (case in point Rachel “HBCU Hates Me” Dolezal).
At some point, Roof had to medicate to deal with his Liberal-created psychosis, and policies of the Left won’t let him be called “insane” and put away from the public. So he FED his psychosis with a healthy dose of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Gardner, and others, until he snapped.
But as they say in prison, “Didn’t do it!” It was the CONFEDERATE FLAGS FAULT!
FYI, I’m publishing this along with your email, so there is no misconstruing of my message. Keep me posted, if you decide to publish it.
Here’s a look at the alleged gunman's background, including recent arrests, and what authorities say happened inside the church. (Alice Li/The Washington Post)