Late June is Greg Stohr season.

He’s been a Supreme Court reporter for Bloomberg News since 1998 and he has compiled a record of beating the competition in summing up the court’s high-profile end-of-term decisions. By seconds, that is.

In edging out other news organization on the June 2013 gay-marriage cases, Stohr prepared 18 ledes ahead of time, a process that took a month and a half of work. “We had ledes written for what do we say if we had a DOMA ruling but not Prop 8,” said Stohr at the time, noting that he got help from other Bloomberg News staffers. “What do we say if we have Prop 8 but not DOMA? And what do we say when we have both of them?”

Today Stohr was up to his old tricks. A Bloomberg rep passed along these timestamps for the top news organizations reacting to today’s Supreme Court ruling that same-sex marriage is a constitutionally protected right:

Bloomberg: 10:00:54
Reuters: 10:01:03
Dow Jones: 10:01:50
AP: 10:02:05

So: How many ledes did Stohr have prepared for this one? The Bloomberg rep wouldn’t say, citing “competitive reasons.”