We now know that calm is returning to the Washington Navy Yard following the events of this morning:

Viewers of Fox News may have found that result surprising, given what the outlet was reporting just shy of 8:40 a.m.:


The local Fox affiliate, WTTG-TV (Fox5), tweeted out this assessment:

Local ABC affiliate WJLA (Channel 7) was more restrained:

As was NBC affiliate WRC-TV (Channel 4):

On its “New Day” morning show, CNN anchor John Berman said, “All we know right now is there is a threat being investigated. Reports of shooting in the Navy Yard. The Navy right now asserting there are no confirmed reports of a shooting as of now, but they are investigating.” The CNN Breaking News Twitter feed echoed that sense of restraint:

As for Fox News’s over-reporting, this situation appears to depart from the norm — that is, a news outlet citing “authorities” or “law enforcement sources” for information that turns out to be untrue. Here, Fox News cited something more sturdy, in the form of a government alert.

Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen called in to the morning show “Fox & Friends” from Vienna as he covered the Iran nuclear talks. From this faraway perch, he said he’d “received communications from a source inside the federal government of a bulletin that had been issued inside the State Department. It was labeled SBU — sensitive but unclassified. It was issued at 8:01 ET, and it basically alerted all employees of the State Department … that something called the National Military Command Center [of the Defense Department] had confirmed an active shooter at the Navy Yard. So this represents confirmation from inside the Department of Defense … of this active shooter at the Navy Yard,” Rosen said on “Fox & Friends.”

Rosen tweeted the news, too:

And this as well:

Fox News swiftly updated its reporting as events warranted. Just before 9:00 a.m., “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade told viewers, “It’s mixed signals especially considering at about 8:01 the National Military Command confirmed an active shooter, confirmed an active shooter and now we say none spotted. It doesn’t mean there wasn’t one shooter or there isn’t one out there now that they just haven’t found yet.”