Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, center, in January with Secretary of State John Kerry and singer James Taylor. (Thibault Camus/Associated Press)

As reported this week, Fox News told the Erik Wemple Blog that it still hadn’t seen the lawsuit from the city of Paris regarding the network’s talk about “no-go zones” in the aftermath of the January Charlie Hebdo massacre. Fox News commentators — as well as those from competing outlets — spoke of neighborhoods where civil order had broken down and sharia law ruled folks’ lives. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo in the weeks after all the coverage vowed to sue Fox News for spreading such false reports, even though Fox News apologized.

Paris this morning responded aux questions du Blogue D’Erik Wemple. Mélanie Rigaud, a press liaison for Hidalgo’s office, wrote, “A complaint has been filed in Paris according to the commitments made by Mayor Hidalgo. The French justice is working on the case.” We’ve asked for a copy of the filing and for an indication of when Fox News would receive the document; no response yet. As reported previously in this space, lawsuits in France aren’t publicly filed.