CNN sustained criticism last night from Larry Wilmore, host of “The Nightly Show,” for a photo choice in Wednesday’s programming. As the network reported on the murder charge against Raymond Tensing, a white University of Cincinnati cop, in the shooting of Samuel Dubose during a July 19 traffic stop, it displayed the photo juxtaposition above.

Speaking to CNN’s depiction of Dubose, Wilmore riffed: “Is that his mugshot? This guy was just killed by the other guy and you put their two mugshots together like they’re a bank robbin’ team? I mean, I get it — he may have had a record, but you know what ‘victim’ means, right, CNN?” He noted that CNN subsequently used other photos.

Which is precisely CNN’s defense: “CNN swapped that image once we had access to other pictures,” wrote a network source via e-mail when asked about the situation. We asked whether there would be any merit in omitting a photo of the victim until a suitable one could be located. Bias alert: We think there is. We’re awaiting a response on that front.

Twitter policed at least one other unfortunate photo adjacency: