On today’s “Morning Joe,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump phoned in to talk about how great he is. Asked by Bloomberg Politics’ Mark Halperin if he can prevail in the race for the Republican nomination without winning over some skeptical pundits, Trump responded:

“A lot of the pundits have come a long way. In fact yesterday, at the speech — and I was very proud, because the CNN reporter said it was the single greatest political speech she’s ever heard, which was very nice as far as I was concerned.”

Nearly the entire “Morning Joe” group demanded to know just who’d issued such a compliment.

Trump: “I don’t know her name, but she was wearing a beautiful red dress. She looked good to me. Anybody that says that looks good to me.”

CNN had at least two female reporters yesterday in Greenville, S.C., where Trump gave an address yesterday — you know, the one in which he asked a woman from the audience to verify that his hair was for real. One was Sara Murray, who was wearing a purple outfit:

Another was MJ Lee, who was wearing a dark blue outfit:

A CNN spokesman tells the Erik Wemple Blog that none of the network’s female reporters commented to Trump about his speech — or, indeed, had any direct interaction with him. We are awaiting a comment from the Trump campaign on this critical accountability issue relating to a prominent candidate’s precision in reporting on pundit praise.