Long gone are the days when Hillary Rodham Clinton kept the campaign 2016 reporters at a distance. Over the past several weeks, she has been taking questions from MSNBC, CNN, NBC News, Lena Dunham and others.

Everyone, it would seem, except Mark Halperin of Bloomberg Politics. The longtime political reporter recently attempted to secure an answer from Clinton at a campaign event, to no avail. “What’s your message to the NRA?” asked Halperin more than once in the video above, as Clinton ignores him. “Here’s another example of how Clinton is an unusual candidate,” narrates Halperin. “A reporter she’s known for almost a quarter-century standing inches away from her asks her questions, and she pretends she can’t hear him.”

It was clear that Clinton was placing her priorities with voters, not with media types. So Halperin did likewise, planting his question with a New Hampshire voter. It worked, as Clinton unspooled her take on the NRA: “I just did a town hall about that,” she said. “My message is not to them or for them. My message is for the American people: It is time that we stood up together for commonsense gun safety measures to end the epidemic of gun violence and that is going to be an issue that we’ll emphasize in the campaign.”

Citizen journalism triumphs.