Ben Carson and Donald Trump at the Republican presidential debate last month. (Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg)
Media critic

The Donald Trump media story line of this week — idle chatter about the future of his campaign — has supplanted the Donald Trump media story line of one week ago: The much discussed Trump-Fox News Summit that the network itself announced on Sept. 24: “FOX News has held every candidate in this race to the highest journalistic standards throughout our coverage,” said the Fox News statement, in part. “We believe a candid meeting about our differences is required and that any misunderstandings can be handled without compromising those standards.”

That meeting announcement followed Trump’s declaration of a boycott against Fox News for unfair treatment — a boycott that looked a lot less like a boycott when the network later clarified that it was announced after it had canceled an appearance by the Republican front-runner on an edition of “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Though the summit was supposed to take place sometime last week, it didn’t go down, a Fox News spokesperson confirms to the Erik Wemple Blog. Michael Clemente, executive vice president of news at Fox News issued this statement: “The door is always open for Mr. Trump to meet with our senior editorial team to discuss any issues he may have with our coverage of his campaign. Mr. Trump continues to appear on Fox News and we haven’t changed a thing, so we don’t see any overwhelming need for a meeting at this time.”

Glorious. Just cover the guy.

Trump’s empty fulminations about the unfairness of Fox News appear driven by the same dynamic as his thirst for airtime on Fox News. That would be an extreme need for attention. Just in the past week, Trump has done appearances on “The O’Reilly Factor,” weekend “Fox & Friends,” Eric Bolling’s show “Cashin’ In,” Greta Van Susteren’s “On the Record” and just completed a chat with Bret Baier of “Special Report.” He also turned in appearances on CNN this morning and on Sunday chatted with George Stephanopoulos for ABC News’s “This Week.” As we’ve said, narcissism is a close friend of transparency.