Media critic

Poor cable news networks. They have to fill 24 hours of air time with either news or analysis or opinion or…comparisons of Democratic presidential candidates with sandwiches.

That last one isn’t a joke. At the end of the 4:00 p.m. hour, MSNBC anchor Kate Snow welcomed Noah Kaufman of “Food & Wine” magazine to analyze the candidates according to their sandwich doppelgangers. Snow introduced the segment by running through some of the lighter moments from last night’s CNN Democratic presidential debate, then said this: “And now for our own light moment. Many potential voters taking a closer look at their picks for president. Well, with some voters considering a candidate maybe they hadn’t even considered before, you might say maybe it’s like picking something off a menu. Maybe it’s like picking a sandwich. Well, that’s how ‘Food & Wine’ magazine sees it, recently releasing their take on which sandwich, yes, sandwich, best represents each candidate in the race.”

Hillary Clinton was a Subway sandwich; Lincoln Chafee a wrap; Bernie Sanders a banh mi; and that’s enough sandwich-candidate recap for the Erik Wemple Blog. Except for the slightly offensive choice for hopeful Jim Webb: “The egg salad sandwich: White bread, white eggs, a little bit of mayo. That’s all you want on that sandwich; that’s all you’re going to get on that sandwich,” said Kaufman of his choice for the former Virginia senator.

Snow recently came aboard MSNBC as an anchor to shore up the network’s hard-news presentation…